Day 21-Back to the Gym at 226.2 lbs

I’ve returned to the gym with great enthusiasm and hope. I am confident that this will be the beginning of a new, beneficial and sustained experience.

What would make this time different? God alone knows how many gym registrations I’ve filled out over the years. Not to mention how many pills and herbs and diets I have tried. What will make this attempt different? I can’t say, but I must believe that it will be different.

I am still in this alone. I work out alone; no personal trainer, no partner, no support network.

However, I’m trying to condition my mind in a way I had’t before. I am trying to motivate myself beyond what I feel. I’m visualizing my success and expecting great things.

I’m trying to live meaningfully, purposefully and prayerfully.

Every day counts…every calorie counts.

I’m taking my time, I’m blogging about the experience and I suppose all of these help.

Weighing in at 226.2 lbs was a pleasat surprise. I expected much more, but I am pleased.

I will aim to lose 2 lbs per week.

Si, se puede! Yes I can! I’m Possible!




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