Day 2- Working towards my Goals

For some, it’s to fit into a dress, others run a race, but for me, my ultimate fitness goals are to be able to lift my own body weight and complete a full lenght triathlon.

At this morning’s walk, we maintained a brisk pace for  little under an hour . A few pains here and there, but it felt soo good to be moving! Just a few more steps towards something great!

I remembered today that I have a few goals to work towards. I suppose they can help me keep focused.

Long-Term Goals

  • My absolute long-term weight is 165lbs- July 2013. (The last I checked, I was just around 230lbs);
  • To be able to lift my own body mass and repeat and/or maintain the position;
  • Do races (5,10,15,20K races, cycling races and triathlons) on a regular basis; and
  • Maintain an active lifesyle.

Medium-Term Goals

  • Look hot for my girlfriend’s wedding in March 2013. First time being a bridemaid, I might as well make it memorable;
  • Weight goal in next 8 months/March 2013- 190lbs;
  • Complete a triathlon- May 2012;
  • Complete Cycling Classics- June 2012; and
  • Complete 20K- June 2012.

Short Term Goals

  • Get moving again
  • Get my mind in gear
  • Get new gear 😉
  • Start doing 5K races
  • Get back on my glorious bike.
  • Start swimming again
  • Get out more often
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Make time for friends/making friends, family and doing things I love
  • Do things that bring me joy
  • Correct eating habits and establish proper meal plans/diet.
  • Weight goal by November 2012- 210lbs.

Here we go…


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